Principal Investment

Our own investment firm Rautenberg Capital invests into minority positions of attractive companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In doing so, we always endeavor to be an active minority investor, whose value contribution, based on clearly defined minority rights, goes well beyond the mere provisioning of financial means.

We invest substantial own funds and are able to draw from commitments by our Limited Partners in Europe and the Middle East on short notice. We are thus able to provide equity in the middle two-digit range.

The majority of our holdings are co-investments with our clients from the principal investing business, alongside whom we purchase minority positions of the equity in their portfolio companies. We explicitly avoid situations in which we would find ourselves in direct competition with our clients.

Criteria for our investments are sustainable growth and profitability in our targets’ business model. First and foremost it is our conviction that, based on the combined expertise of majority shareholders, management and ourselves, we will be able to achieve a substantial increase in value.

We realise our investments either directly by cash contributions or by converting a fee component from our advisory or investment management engagements.