M&A Advisory

In our M&A Advisory business, we lead corporate transactions and participations on the buy side as well as on the sell side. Such mandates cover particularly five activities:

  1. Deal Origination (buy-side): Structured industry and target screenings. Definition of search criteria and profiles as well as identification and approach of suitable targets. Support up to a successful signing if requested.
  2. Process Preparation (sell-side): Validation and, if required, redesign of strategy and business plan. Preparation of a convincing information memorandums and thorough preparation of the company and its management for the due diligence and transaction.
  3. Identification and Approach (sell-side): Identification, prioritization and approach of suitable and interested prospective buyers in a structured process. Sensible screening in tight alignment with the seller.
  4. Due Diligence and Offers (sell-side): Management of complex due diligence processes on behalf of and with the seller. Thorough analysis and comparison of offers, ranking for each new round of negotiations.
  5. Negotiation (sell-side): Prudent and provident contract negotiations with one or more bidders, including comprehensive support of the seller and management.

The basis for our successful work on the buy-side is our industry expertise, our extensive network and our many years of M&A experience. On the sell-side, we focus on so-called primaries, which we accompany in structured and at the same time tightly scheduled processes optimized for the seller.