Commercial DD: Decision Support rather than Travelogue!

Commercial Due Diligences (“CDD”) are offered by numerous advisory firms in various formats and at differing price points. According to Arndt Rautenberg and Boris Herzog of Rautenberg & Company, just because it says “Commercial Due Diligence” on the cover, it does not mean that’s what you’re actually getting. Rather than an overload of graphs and text, they firmly believe a CCD should deliver an accurate assessment and concise discussion of the implications in five segments, based on sharp analysis: “In God we trust, all others bring data!”…

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Strategy & Value Creation Advisory

We advise clients in defining and executing strategy, in commercial due diligences and in all aspects of value creation and exit preparation.

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We provide comprehensive support to buyers or sellers in the preparation and execution of corporate transactions or investments.

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We invest into minority positions of attractive companies in the DACH region, alongside our clients, either directly or by converting advisory fees.

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