Our approach

Our approach has been created around the distinct needs of financial investors and their portfolio companies during all phases of a transaction. Core features of our services are our broad experience and competence, a full alignment of our own interests with those of our clients and, as a result, the highest quality advice and a maximum drive for results.

  • We are convinced that every project critical to success deserves a team based on experience and competence. Because of this belief, each of our employees has accumulated significant relevant experience in transactional work and comes with a long-standing and relevant professional background. We also advise companies only in sectors and/or situations, in which we have acquired a significant level of specific know-how.
  • We work in small, senior teams, whose key goal is to achieve and secure the defined project results. Accordingly, our work is always analytical and conceptual, though at the same time hands-on and pragmatic.
  • The assured delivery of defined results is the key goal of our work, in our advisory projects as much as in our own Investment Management. We don’t write reports, we deliver results – predictably and efficiently.
  • From many years of own experience in the private equity and advisory business, we know and appreciate the importance of personal chemistry in every transaction. We place the highest emphasis on the right mixture of professionalism and social competence. We work alongside our clients as and where required, and our clients experience us as strong communicators.
  • With our broad and tightly weaved network in the DACH region and in the rest of Europe, we are able to provide the precise expertise of industry specialists into specific topics and areas. We seamlessly integrate such detailed knowledge into our advice, efficiently and unpretentiously.
  • In order to reinforce the full alignment of our interests with those of our clients, we always work with a variable fee component. This may be tied to the realisation of defined project results, or to a subjective level of satisfaction of our clients with our work. Whenever possible, we will convert a fee component into equity of our clients or their portfolio companies, or strive for the privilege to invest directly into this equity.

Strategy & Value Creation Advisory

We advise clients in defining and executing strategy, in commercial due diligences and in all aspects of value creation and exit preparation.

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We provide comprehensive support to buyers or sellers in the preparation and execution of corporate transactions or investments.

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We invest into minority positions of attractive companies in the DACH region, alongside our clients, either directly or by converting advisory fees.

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