Mid-Cap PE (D): Industrial / B2B Services

For a German mid-cap PE house, we wrote the Commerical DD on a target in the B2B services sector.

Large-Cap PE (U.S.): Online

As lead advisor of a U.S. based financial sponsor, we coordinated the different DD streams and supported the definition and execution of a winning approach on a leading European online platform.

Mid-Cap PE (D): IT

As part of the merger of a portfolio company of a German private equity firm, we conducted a commercial due diligence and advised the shareholders on valuation scenarios.

Mid-Cap PE (UK): Tech

We advised a British private equity firm in their purchase of a company in the technology sector, conducted i.a. a commercial due diligence and developed an upside plan.

Large-Cap PE (F): Tech

We supported a French large-cap financial sponsor throughout the purchase of a German hidden champion in the technology sector and developing a commercial due diligence as well as a value creation plan.

Strategy & Value Creation Advisory

We advise clients in defining and executing strategy, in commercial due diligences and in all aspects of value creation and exit preparation.

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We provide comprehensive support to buyers or sellers in the preparation and execution of corporate transactions or investments.

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We invest into minority positions of attractive companies in the DACH region, alongside our clients, either directly or by converting advisory fees.

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