Strategy & Value Creation Advisory

Our advisory services in Strategy & Value Creation focus on four areas of activity:

  1. Deal Execution: Preparation and support of the purchase or sale of a company, e.g. through the preparation of commercial due diligences and value creation plans. Focused advice on further capital measures on the equity or debt side. Support in positioning and differentiation in competitive processes.
  2. Post-Closing: Assistance during the critical post-closing phase in the form of onboarding, 100-day or post-merger-integration programs.
  3. Value Creation: Initiation and support of value creation or operational improvement projects, not only utilizing the opportunities provided by growth phases but also optimizing the cost base and managing phases of consolidation.
  4. Exit Readiness: Optimisation of both market readiness and exit proceeds by means of an extended business plan based on clearly defined value creation measures, preparation of all sales documentation and data room, vendor due diligence and coaching of management throughout the exit process.

Our formal role in such engagements will usually be one of an experienced advisor or interim manager. In certain cases, we will also assume the role of a member of the supervisory or advisory board.

Our advisory teams typically work on-site with and for our clients, or out of our offices in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and London.

M&A Advisory

In our M&A Advisory business, we lead corporate transactions and participations on the buy side as well as on the sell side. Such mandates cover particularly five activities:

  1. Deal Origination (buy-side): Structured industry and target screenings. Definition of search criteria and profiles as well as identification and approach of suitable targets. Support up to a successful signing if requested.
  2. Process Preparation (sell-side): Validation and, if required, redesign of strategy and business plan. Preparation of a convincing information memorandums and thorough preparation of the company and its management for the due diligence and transaction.
  3. Identification and Approach (sell-side): Identification, prioritization and approach of suitable and interested prospective buyers in a structured process. Sensible screening in tight alignment with the seller.
  4. Due Diligence and Offers (sell-side): Management of complex due diligence processes on behalf of and with the seller. Thorough analysis and comparison of offers, ranking for each new round of negotiations.
  5. Negotiation (sell-side): Prudent and provident contract negotiations with one or more bidders, including comprehensive support of the seller and management.

The basis for our successful work on the buy-side is our industry expertise, our extensive network and our many years of M&A experience. On the sell-side, we focus on so-called primaries, which we accompany in structured and at the same time tightly scheduled processes optimized for the seller.

Our Business Units

Rautenberg Moritz & Co. supports financial sponsors and their portfolio companies as well as corporates during all stages of a transaction.

In order to render optimal support to our clients, we have structured our business into three units which are closely intertwined:

  • In our Strategy & Value Creation Advisory business, we support clients in strategy formulation and execution and through phases of growth and digitization. We conduct commercial due diligences and support all aspects of value creation up to the preparation of successful exits.
  • In our M&A Advisory business, we provide comprehensive support to buyers or sellers in the preparation and execution of corporate transactions or investments. We particularly focus on executing full sell-side mandates of small and mid-sized enterprises.
  • Our Principal Investment arm invests into the equity of companies in the German-speaking region, alongside our clients. We invest either directly or by converting parts of our fees from our advisory engagements.

This integrated and flexible approach ensures that our clients receive best-in-class services from our experienced and highly competent team. We render advice with a full alignment of interest and a maximum focus on results, based on our profound experience and competence.

Principal Investment

With our own investment activities, we acquire minority positions of attractive companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In doing so, we always endeavor to be an active minority investor, whose value contribution, based on clearly defined minority rights, goes well beyond the mere provisioning of financial means.

We invest substantial own funds and are able to draw from commitments by our Limited Partners in Europe and the Middle East on short notice. We are thus able to provide equity in the middle two-digit range.

The majority of our holdings are co-investments with our clients from the principal investing business, alongside whom we purchase minority positions of the equity in their portfolio companies. We explicitly avoid situations in which we would find ourselves in direct competition with our clients.

Criteria for our investments are sustainable growth and profitability in our targets’ business model. First and foremost it is our conviction that, based on the combined expertise of majority shareholders, management and ourselves, we will be able to achieve a substantial increase in value.

We realise our investments either directly by cash contributions or by converting a fee component from our advisory or investment management engagements.

Strategy & Value Creation Advisory

We advise clients in defining and executing strategy, in commercial due diligences and in all aspects of value creation and exit preparation.

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We provide comprehensive support to buyers or sellers in the preparation and execution of corporate transactions or investments.

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We invest into minority positions of attractive companies in the DACH region, alongside our clients, either directly or by converting advisory fees.

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